Demitasse was the free electronic newsletter of highlights from the Ladies' Fetish & Taboo Society Compendium of Urban Anthropology, a repository of sardonic social commentary and reports of real-life weird. It may also contain behind-the-scenes announcements and ramblings that might or might not have made it to the photocopied page.

Demitasse was published just as erratically as its print counterpart, which is to say, whenever.

Sip some of the earlier brew:

1  April ’96 (Highlights from the Current Compendium)

2  May ’96  (What’s Up With the Society)

3  MIA, sigh...

4  November ’96 (STEAK! The Musical)

5  Spring 97 (Obstaculation and Random Weird)

6  July 97  (Random weird)

7  Summer 98 (Random weird)

8  Winter 98 (Mass transit adventures; Christmas in Little Italy)

9   George Harrison’s Birthday (More mass transit and the parade of life)

10 May  99  (Random Weird)

11 September 99 (Continuing Adventures of Mass Transit)

12 Santa Season 99 (Santa Sikh & St Nick!)

13 Special BeastWatch! Edition

14 Special BeastWatch! Edition (go figure) (Travel Tales, including a bra fitting)

15 Special Election Edition (gaze upon the innocence...)

16 Spring 2001 (Gabe Kaplan “does” Groucho)

17 Fall 2001 (Halloween in the New Age)

18 Spring 2002 Special Groundhog’s Day Edition