Demitasse #1


This is the *premiere* issue of
Demitasse -- a sip of the Compendium
April '96
Demitasse is a free sip of the heady joe that fills the Ladies' Fetish & Taboo Society Compendium of Urban Anthropology (the Compendium), a repository of sardonic social commentary and reports of real-life weird.
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Highlights from the current Compendium:

Just out: Vol. IX, No. 1, Shaking Things Up '96, featuring:pr> On the Migratory Properties of Inanimate Objects
Where do objects go in that weird interim between when you notice
they're missing and you finally find them, usually right where you
last saw them? Recent research reveals: under the seat of your car.

The Seven Dwarfs of the Apocalypse
One by one, these small but potent irritants of late 20th century life
have revealed their noxious identities to us. Now, Dwarf No. Seven
shows its loathsome face. Received a spoken-word cassette tape
lately that left you questioning whether the giver was really your friend?
You may have been touched by the menace of this ultimate dwarf.
It's not a pretty sight, but then, nothing on this list is.

Zeitgeist: Thumbnosing (Whoopee! We're all gonna die!)
Noticed the rise of coffee and cigars and beef-focused menus? It's an
outcry of pre-millenial angst, and ground zero for this primal scream
is one certain restaurant in Houston. I ate there and survived to tell
a tale of high fat and even higher tab.

Plenty o' Random Weird
More real bumperstickers, scary overheard comments, and the usual
array of detail-laden, footnote-riddled minutiae. Yet *another*
installment in the continuing saga of a boy and his truck. (Sigh. Yes,
the Ford has survived breakdown no. 26.)

And, of course, pages 'n' pages of Letters to the Editrix
Holding forth on weird real names, answering the call for palindromes
and, as always, spilling quirky personal details to complete strangers.
Most lively letters pages in all of zinedom.

16 pages.


$5 each ($8 outside US and Canada)

Winter Wonderland (VIII, 4). Collector's item -- this is the one whose master got
run through a shredder. Ask A Guy considers a waitress who handed out
a bum phone number to a would-be beau. The comprehensive telling of
the Continuing Sage of a Boy & His Truck. The Editrix rants about coping
with adult acne and about travelling through an overlay of memories when
visiting former hometowns. Readers rant about just about everything.

Falling Down on the Job (VIII, 3). Real conversations. Three boat-rocking incidents
on the High Seas of Androgyny & Ambiguity. Ask A Guy pulls in guest
Gay and Dyke advisors. Matthew Foster's letter from various trains in Europe,
with a 29-line footnote.

Too Darn Hot '95 (VIII, 2). Notes from the High Seas of Androgyny & Ambiguity. Ask A Guy.
Journal pages with a zoological theme (including a wedding attended by llamas).
Wagner visits Twin Peaks

In Like a Lion '95 (VIII, 1). A new interpretation of the 15-minute syndrome. Clowns: The
peculiar dangers of Christmas caroling for pay. More proof of my life being
magic realism. Burning questions. The Usenet (now Internet) Oracle answers a

Falling Behind '94 (VII, 3&4). Double issue! The party of the decade, an all-night,
Solstice-tide event at an estate in Dorset ! More path crossings with the stars!
Field Guide to Astrological Types! My life *is* magic realism! Log o' omens!
This issue only: $10 US & Canada; $15 foreign.

Heat Wave '94 (VII, 2). Front-page Notes from the High Seas of Androgyny & Ambiguity
(The omni-directional scud lust missle brings a friend to a Greek restaurant).
More slats in the weird lattice of coincidence. Art cars on parade. Lady Kathy
meets Penn. 101 Ways to Sabotage Your Date.

Springing Into '94 (VII, 1). The Continuing Adventures of Baby Jesus (BJ goes bye-bye).
There are only 200 people on this planet. Sixth Dwarf of the Apocalypse revealed.
Notes from the High Seas of Androgyny & Ambiguity (first encounter with
omin-directional scud lust missile). Irreproducible occurrences. Jeff Hansen takes
Wagner on the road.

SPIRAL BOUND BACK ISSUES: Vol. III - VI, $30 ($40 outside US).

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