Demitasse #13


Demitasse:  a sip of the Compendium

Special BeastWatch! edition


Demitasse is a free sip of the sardonic social commentary and reports of real

life weird that fill the Ladies' Fetish & Taboo Society Compendium of Urban

Anthropology (the Compendium).


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We've been tracking that rough beast as it slouches towards Bethlehem to be

born. He's been hoofing it, but lo and behold -- on this the eve of 2000, he

has not quite crossed the finish line! Could it be that his counting method,

like those of a few picky spoilsports, does not consider the millennium to

start in 2000?  Check his progress at

Happy New Year/time segment of your choice!


Red Room Records is open, and its first CD is "Inexcusable!"

Two guitars, One keyboard. No sense.

Featuring the spirited, artistically questionable song

stylings of Lady & the Mant

(who also answer to Rick Mantler & Kathy Biehl)

Ruby Tuesday * Yesterday * Stand By Your Man * Sunshine of

Your Love * Here, There & Everywhere * Wimp * Theme from

M*A*S*H * Guilt Trip * Tomorrow Never Knows * Ben

Only $10 bucks + $2.00 s/h!

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