Demitasse #7


Demitasse   a sip of the Compendium

Summer 1998


Demitasse is a free sip of the sardonic social commentary and reports of  real life weird that fill the Ladies' Fetish & Taboo Society Compendium of Urban Anthropology (the Compendium).


(c) copyright Kathy Biehl 1998


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The Beast has moved!

We're tracking that rough beast as it slouches towards Bethlehem to be born. As of the summer solstice, he's 778 paces out. See what spurred him on at


My Life Has a Soundtrack

I'm driving up Montrose Boulevard, near the Museum of Fine Arts - Houston,  when a harried grown-up herds a bunch of school kids into formation at a crosswalk. Bowing to the approach of an Obstacle en mass, I brake. The moment the first kid's foot hits the street, the car radio launches into the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice" ("...if we were older, then we wouldn't have to wait so long.")



The scrolling LED display on the first floor vending machine in Rice University's Fondren Library invites the customer to "Enjoy a snack." Here's what the machine sells:


Five mechanical #2 lead pencils

Pencil sharpener

Two energizer "AA" batteries

Pink highlighter

Liquid Paper

Medium point ball point pen w/comfort cushion grip


Fine point ball point pen

.5mm lead pencil refills

Post-It notes (large and small)

Memo pad with fake brown leather cover

100 index cards .65

One 3.5" DD,DS unformatted diskette

Two DS,HD formatted 3.5" Mac diskettes

"Duster" raincoat in a bag...tagline "your foul weather friend"

Luden's honey lemon cough drops

Luden's original menthol cough drops

Non-lube Trojans (three pack)

Spermacidal lube Trojans (three pack)


Thanks to the Rice grad who alerted us to the machine (who shall remain nameless) and to the non-Rice grad who procured the contents listing for us (who answers to many names, among them Rick Mantler).


A doctor in our acquaintance recently survived a week populated with elderly Alzheimer's patients prone to swearing and beating up family members. The most verbally cantankerous refused to take his medicine and held his ground when his family assembled at the hospital to discuss the matter with the doctor. The patient wouldn't budge. He announced that he wouldn't take orders from a doctor who didn't have a Mont Blanc pen. A family member had one. He put it in the doctor's pocket. "The doc has the pen!" the patient boomed. "I'll take the meds!" And he did.

The next morning our informant caught a glimpse of the colleague assigned to look in on the patient that day. That doctor usually carries a Mont Blanc pen in his pocket. Our informant checked. It was there. He smiled.


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