Demitasse #9


Demitasse   a sip of the Compendium

George Harrison's birthday, 1999


Demitasse is a free sip of the sardonic social commentary and reports of

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It's mid-morning on a weekday. I'm riding the No. 6 train to its last stop,

at the tip of Manhattan; my fellow riders, by this point, are headed for

either the Staten Island Ferry or the corridors of Wall Street. As the

train pulls into the station, I approach the door with my reading material

still in hand: a LSAT manual, the textbook for training I'm taking.

"Lawyers first, people second," says a moderately well dressed man in his

late 20s as he takes a pronounced step back.

"That's ridiculous!" I laugh.

"You're right," he replies, stepping up to my side. When the door opens, he

makes a point to walk out first.



A husky man is pushing a cow-sized cow on wheels down 77th St. between 3rd

Ave. and Lexington. The other remarkable characteristic of the cow, besides

the casters replacing its hooves, is "Brother Jimmy" painted in script

across its flanks. As if the act of pushing a cow through traffic isn't

enough to draw attention, the man is whistling Harpo-like and waving at

people on the sidewalk. "Not everyday you see a cow in the street!" he

yells at a woman. No one argues; several people laugh.

"Hey! What does this do?" he calls to a couple of schoolchildren on the

sidewalk.  "Moooo," answers one of them. "Tha's right!" he laughs and

pushes on a few steps, at which point a torrent of schoolchildren rush into

view. "Hey!" he yells, resting his hand on folded arms atop the cow's back.

"All of you! What does this do?" "MOOOOOOOOO," the crowd responds. Smiles

break out on both sides of the street, and Brother Jimmy and his pusher

continue on.

Within a few hours I am standing on a sidewalk in front of two rows of

55-gallon orange drums filled with pickled wonders, the sales point for a

legendary Lower East Side business called Guss' Pickles. A commotion breaks

out in the street behind me. "What pickle men do in their spare time," the

sales clerk announces. Two men have pounced on a car at the curb and are

vigorously rocking it from side to side while yelling insults at the

driver. There's no need for bystanders to duck for cover; it soon becomes

clear that the assault is a perverse but good-natured greeting. Rockers and

rockee proceed to discuss the specifics of nasal passage surgery.



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Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Eyewitness reports to follow!

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