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I live on the bridge between intuition and the rational mind, and that’s where my writing makes its home as well. My professional freelance writing has an emphasis on offbeat travel, food & wine, spirituality, law and the Internet. I have had longstanding relationships with The American Bar Association Journal, Diversion, Texas Monthly, My Table, LLRX.com and The Houston Press. I was also the driving force behind the long--lived ‘zine The Ladies’ Fetish & Taboo Society Compendium of Urban Anthropology. More about all that here.

Here are links to some of my writing online:


Weekly Forecasts (updated each Monday)

Forecasts for each new & full moon

Why Everyone Is On Edge

Finding Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Marxes in the Sky:  What their charts say about

        The Marx Brothers, their relationship with their

        mom, and their fundamental nature as maniacs

Food & Drink

Moon in the 6th blog

The Shipping Charge Disclosure Campaign/

    Ever-Widening Concentric Circles of Yum  

Gadgets Galore

Cookbook Recommendations

Encounters With Magical Beings

    (in which I discover the Dessert Genie!)

Restaurant Reviews (a handful from a decade-

        plus of eating for a living)

    Roll Out the Barrel: Hackemack’s, New Ulm, TX

        (a die-happy evening that almost came true

        at an unlit t-intersection)(and yes, Frankie

        Yankovic is not Weird Al’s literal father) 

    Foolishness, Fun & Fajitas

    Clucking & Trilling:  Messina Hof, Bryan, TX

        You never know when a guest you brush off

        is going to turn out to be a restaurant

        reviewer...a very put-out restaurant reviewer

    Floyd & Pseudo-Floyd: the one that got me

        called Pseudo-Food XPert on a trailer sign in

        front of the aggrieved restaurant! For weeks!

Entertainment & The Arts

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road -- The strange saga of

    my late friend James Doyle’s reclaiming of  the 1902

    stage musical of the Wizard of Oz

Oz Does Toronto -- James Doyle’s own musical   

    revivied the pre-MGM Wizard of Oz

Why Monkey Business? The Simon Louvish Interview

    An interview of the author of a most detailed

    biography of the Marx Brothers

Literary Lunch:  The Algonquin Wits

Cuisine & Couture Go to the Dogs

Social Commentary

Cafe Compendium -- the online home of

    The Ladies’ Fetish & Taboo Society

    Compendium of Urban Anthropology

The Compendiblog